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The Definitive English and Scottish Football Kit Archive

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Latest News & Updates

5 February

Crest history additions: Peterhead, Raith Rovers, Stenhousemuir.

4 February - International Updates

Euro 2016: Albania's kits added.

Euro 1980: Belgium wore pinstriped shirts against Italy rather than in the final. Netherlands' collar altered. (Thanks to Franc Forjan.)

Euro 1984: The Adidas trim on the Yugoslavia and Portugal strips has been corrected. (Thanks again to Franc Forjan.)

Euro 1992: Netherlands shirt detailing modified.

scotland 1882 teamScotland 1882: Gabriele Tossani has established the details of the crest worn on the hooped shirts worn in the Home Internationals (left). Full story on scottishleague.net.

World Cup 1930: Belgium's crest and Chile's socks revised.

World Cup 1994: The detailing on Brazil's change shirts has been made more apparent.

Republic of Ireland: Cuffs on the 1969 strip worn against Hungary have been altered and the strip worn in the 1970 return match added thanks to Giampaolo Tardivo. Barry Rojack has supplied new details on the shirts worn in 2001 against Estonia.

3 February

inverness thistle team group circa 1950Two undated and rather grainy photographs of the Highland League side Inverness Thistle have come to light. The one inverness thistle fc circa 1968-69on the left is from around 1950 and shows the team wearing a thistle crest. the second image (right) I have provisionally dated as being from 1968-69. If you can corroborate dates for either please get in touch. In 1994 Thistle merged with their local rivals Caledonian to form Inverness Caledonian Thistle and were elected to the Scottish Football League. The third Inverness team, Clachnacuddin were going to be part of the merger but could not agree terms and opted out.

Thanks to Simeon Ayton I have been able to draw more accurate versions of the Cambridge United "book and ball" crest worn in the mid 70s.

17 January - The Mariners Updated

grimsby town team 1910-11I've spent the last four days working my way through an enormous file of photographs and detailed notes sent to me by Grimsby Town supporter and collector, Dave Wherry. Thanks to Dave, the Mariners' page has been substantially grimsby town 1905-06 teamupdated with many missing kits added, corrections made and several mid-season changes now recorded. Grimsby's early kit history is fascinating. Featured on the left, for example is the 1910-11 squad wearing chocolate and light blue jumpers: these were replaced by the now familiar black and white striped shirts at the start of the season. On the right is the 1905-06 squad wearing deep salmon pink tops.

12 January - Historical Miscellany

halifax town 1970-71 teamHalifax Town (1970-71 - see left, 1971-72 corrected).

I've updated the Chester City crest history.

Crewe Alexandra's current third kit added and we have the everton at chelsea 1958-59 new white change kitanswer to the question, "Why did the Posh wear black at Blackpool?"

With help from Tony Sealey and the minute books that can now be searched on The Everton Collection, I have reviewed the history of Everton's change kits between 1952 and 1964. The minutes, for example, record that the team wore old gold and black in an FA Cup tie against Ipswich Town in January 1953 and this strip made several more appearances over the next seven seasons. They also tell us that all white was adopted as a change kit in 1958-59. This is seen here during a pitch invasion at Stamford Bridge when supporters seem less than pleased with the new look. (Photograph courtesy of corbychelsea.com)

8 January

The computer glitch that affected HFK last month has finally been resolved and we are back in business. Thank you for your patience and special thanks to caesar jenkins wearing 1892 Arsenal change kit everyone who has submitted new historical material, which I will now start to publish.

Arsenal 1892

Mark Andrews and Andy Kelly continue to delve into primary source material and shed light onto the early history of Arsenal. Their latest coup is a cutting from the London Evening News dated 17 December 1892 which confirms that the puzzling striped shirts (worn here by Caesar Jenkins) were blue and white. These appear to have been worn just once in a home game against Nottingham Forest because a week later, against Burslem Port Vale (who wore red at this time) they turned out in white tops. Read the full story on The Arsenal History.

Romania 1930s Colours Finally Confirmed

los sports cutting 1930 romania v peruIn the course of his research into the colours of South American national teams between 1910 and 1967, Esteban Catalán has finally found the corroboration needed to confirm the colours of Romania's shirts in the 1930 World Cup. In its coverage of the tournament, Chilean magazine Los Sports describes the Romanian team wearing red luton town 1989-99"uniformes" with yellow collars against Peru.

Luton Town 1898-1900

Brian Webb has completed his research into the early history of the Plaiters (as they were known at the time) and made some fresh discoveries about their colours during this period. Read the full story on Brian's website, The Straw Plaiters.


Variant kits worn against Scotland (1974), Yugoslavia (1976) and Scotland (1977) added, change strip 1958-1962 updated.

Manchester United Change Kits

Paul Nagel has established that the Reds' change strips between 1910 and 1922 were blue and white.

2015-16 Update

Nottingham Forest (3rd), Preston North End (3rd), Peterborough United (3rd).

23 December

euro 2016 logoI apologise for the lack of activity this month, which was due to a computer malfunction. We're now up and running again and I'm delighted to launch our much anticipated Euro 2016 section. Please be advised that under the terms of their eight-year ban from football activity, Herr Blatter and M Platini are not allowed on the premises.

4 December - Early Manchester United Change Kits

mancxhester united squad 1902-03I've been reviewing the information we have about Manchester United's change kits between 1902 and 1921 with Paul Nagel, Tim Ashmore (unitedkits.com) and Daniel Gellatley. This follows Daniel's discovery that United wore green and white at Bristol City in September 1902 (see 11 November). Several more contemporary references have been discovered that refer to United's change colours as green and white. Significantly, Paul has found no references to blue although the club's official manchester united squad 1906-07position is that this was their alternative colour at the time. Our conclusion is that United's change tops for most of this period were in fact green and white stripes.

White shirts were used between 1905 and 1910 but I have re-examined this squad photograph (right) from 1907-08 in which half of the players are in pale alternative tops. Given manchester united blue shirt 1906-07what we now know about film stock at the time being more sensitive to blue light than other colours, I am confident that these are indeed blue tops. (The shade matches the band on the sock turnover and we know this was blue.) This resolves the mystery of the shirt on display in the United Museum (left) believed to date from between 1900 and 1912.

You can review Tim Ashmore's collection of team photographs on Flickr.

2 December

Scottish Club Updates for 2002-03: Dunfermline Athletic, Livingston, Dundee, Aberdeen, Heart of Midlothian, Partick Thistle, Rangers.

1 December

The Bad News - Campo Retro have closed their online store and their limited but useful range of replica shirts is no longer available. I have removed links to their products and taken the opportunity to remove many other redundant links as well.

The Good News - I am very pleased that we are now linked into the Classic Football Shirts store and you will find deep links throughout the English and Scottish club sections that allow you to browse their extensive collection of genuine replica and match worn shirts directly from HFK.

24 November

exeter city fc 1904-05I was recently contacted by Paul Farley, a Director of Exeter City FC, on behalf of The Grecian Archive. This comprehensive site, set up by Exeter University and the Exeter City FC History Group, contains an enormous collection of memorabilia, photohgraphs, programmes etc and brings together material from various personal collections, the Supporters' Trust and club archives. Thanks to the large library of team photographs I have been able to complete a comprehensive update of the Exeter City section with many gaps now filled. The featured photograph is of the first Grecians team from 1904-05, when the team wore green and white.

23 November

hamilton academical je suis paris kit 2015Hamilton Academical wore the French national team's change strip at Aberdeen over the weekend as a tribute to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, a fine gesture that has been greeted by widespread approval. The shirts are now on their way to French Ligue 1 clubs to be auctioned off in support of their favoured charities.

Hartlepool United's latest FA Cup strip has been added.

Scotland's new kits have also been added.

20 November

Let me introduce you to what will be known to posterity as Moor's Law. This states that when two possibilities are equally likely, the one I choose will be wrong. It goes on to state that if, being aware of this, I change my mind and choose the other possibility, my first choice will have been the correct one. And so on.

yugoslavia v france 1954 world cupTo illustrate, when Yugoslavia met France in the 1954 World Cup, one team had to change. I assumed, in the absence of any other evidence, it was France.


This colourised photograph, submitted by José Luis press cutting yugoslavia v france 1954 world cupCarbonell suggests that the Yugoslav team switched to red shirts. Now I don't normally trust colourised images but José thoughtfully submitted several contemporary press reports which, once translated by our resident elves, corroborate the image.

Incidentally, this cutting from a French newspaper complains that the teams were impossible to tell apart on the primitive TVs of the time and suggests that in future, when both stoke city 1968 team groupteams wear white shorts one should change into black ones, following the example set in the United States. FIFA eventually heeded stoke city enamel kiln badge 1968this advice in 1962 and has since taken this idea to ludicrous limits with its insistence on high levels of contrast.

Almost a year ago I published this photograph of the Stoke City team in December 1968 wearing what was described as a "kiln badge" designed by David Herd. Details of this crest appeared to have been lost but now Keith MacKenzie-Ingle has submitted this enamel badge from the period from which I have been able to reconstruct the original.

18 November

arsenal 1959-60 team groupNew kits: Northern Ireland (change), Brighton & Hove Albion (special), York City (3rd).

Thanks to Dick Waite I have been able to revise the Arsenal section 1957-60 and add some unrecorded change kits for the same period. This is the 1959-60 squad.

george best at bournemouth 1983Late in the 1982-83 season George Best joined AFC Bournemouth at the age of 37. Rutger Karssing spotted that the crest worn at the time was missing from HFK, an omission now put right.

Southampton (1965-66 warm weather kit added): Leeds United (2014-15 3rd kit revised): Huddersfield Town (1989-91 manufacturer corrected).

14 November

paris 13 November 2015


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