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Latest News & Updates

happy dragon21 June - Euro 2016 Update

Last night's superb demolition of Russia by Wales provides a suitable point for me to sign off for a two-week break.

Both Group B games have been added.

20 June - Euro 2016 Update

Due to what I can only describe as a major administrative error, the next two weeks of Euro 2016 coincide with my hols. Inexplicably, UEFA did not reply to my emails requesting that they change the dates of the tournament so I'm afraid there will be no more updates after tomorrow until I return in a fortnight's time. At that stage we'll just have to see if the UK is still in Europe in every sense.

Last night's Group A games have been added.

2016-17 Update

League One: Millwall (1st), Swindon Town (1st shorts confirmed).

League Two: Exeter City (1st, 2nd, 3rd*).

Scottish Championship: Dunfermline Athletic (1st, 2nd).

Former members: Lincoln City.


External Links

I've restored the link to the Fanfoot51 site which contains a history French club and national team kits and replaced the old text links with banners.

18 June - Euro 2016 Update

Yesterday's matches have been added.

17 June - Euro 2016 Update

sad welsh dragonYesterday afternoon we allowed our team of undocumented, underage interns out of the cellar where they are confined to enjoy the daylight while yours truly retired to the pub handily situated next door to HFK Towers here in the Welsh Valleys to watch the Wales v England match along with the rest of the village. It has to be said that Gareth Bale's free kick was met with a, shall we say enthusiastic response. However, after Sturridge pinched the late winner the mood was a little different. I had no idea so many words in the Welsh language start with an "F" and end with "kin".

Yesterday's matches have been added.

2016-17 Update

Premier League: Liverpool (2nd).

League One: Swindon Town (1st).

Scottish Premiership: Heart of Midlothian (1st).

Historical Material

port vale 1912-13 team groupThis rather poor quality photograph is of Port Vale in 1912-13. I had interpreted this as showing claret and light blue tops, which would have been consistent with their previous colours. However, I've now had confirmation that the shirts are in fact black and amber. Embarrasingly, the club seem to have taken my previous version as the model for their new third kit. Still, the new shirts do look good.

I've revised the Swindon Town graphics 1904 to 1935. I now believe the variations apparent in contemporary photographs are the result of fading and inconsistancies in film stock.

16 June - Euro 2016 Update

Yesterday's matches have been added.

15 June - Euro 2016 Update

Yesterday's Group F matches have been added.

2016-17 Update

Scottish Premiership: Aberdeen (2nd).

Historical Football Kits is featured in a new article on the British Ideas Corporation website.

13 June - 2016-17 Update

Premier League: Sunderland (3rd shorts & socks confirmed).

Championship: Derby County (1st), Fulham (2nd*), Rotherham United (3rd).

Scottish League One: East Fife (1st, 2nd*).


Euro 2016

I've updated the Euro section, adding competitition patches and tweaking some details now that we can see the final production versions of strips in action. The ever-popular match-by-match sections are now open also.

Please don't send me kit details for the tournament unless you spot a mistake. I am monitoring all the matches and will update the site regularly.

9 June - 2016-17 Update

Premier League: Sunderland (3rd), West Ham United (2nd).

Championship: Leeds United (2nd).

8 June - 2016-17 Update

League One: Sheffield United (1st), Northampton Town (2nd).

7 June - 2016-17 Update

Premier League: AFC Bournemouth (trim on 1st kit corrected).

League Two: Crawley Town (1st, 2nd).

More Victorian Discoveries

Andy Boocock has discovered details of Wrexham's first proper uniform strip which was introduced in October 1873. Brian Webb has found evidence that Middlesbrough briefly wore navy jerseys for the first part of the 1890-91 season before reverting to white in January 1891. This proves the "blue" tops previously dated 1892-95 were in fact navy and worn rather earlier.


brentford fc 1905-06I've reassessed my 1905-06 Brentford graphic. This is based on the rather poor quality photograph shown here (courtesy of Brentford FC Memorabilia) which suggests the usual blue shirts with thin gold stripes were reversed for this season. However, given what we now know about the orthographic film stock of the period that was insensitive to blue light but oversensitive to yellow, I no longer believe this to be the case.

We now know that Burton Albion's distinctive crest goes back to the club's formation in 1950-51.

3 June - A Correction

I got my visitors figures muddled in the last entry. HFK receives over 1.5m visits a year, that's a monthly average in excess of 100,000.

2016-17 Update

Premier League: AFC Bournemouth (1st), Swansea City (1st, 2nd).

Championship: Cardiff City (2nd), Birmingham City (1st).

League One: Coventry City (1st).

League Two: Cambridge United (1st).

Scottish Premiership: Kilmarnock (1st).

Scottish Championship: Greenock Morton (1st kit - the fans have spoken!).

1 June - Ten Years of Historical Kits

old HFK graphicThis month HFK celebrates its tenth anniversary. Back in the middle ages, when we launched, our graphics looked like this and when the site was featured in the national press, we had so many visitors that our server crashed.

From the beginning we encouraged visitors to get involved and contribute their own research and within days, the first emails started to roll in. We did not forsee that HFK would end up curating thousands of contributions from hundreds of visitors (our email archive alone fills 1.4GB) many of them the product of painstaking research and now published on HFK for the first time.

In those early days we monitored the number of visitors each month and got excited when the numbers reached four figures. Today we average over 100,000 visitors every month.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our supporters and contributors. HFK would not be the same without you.


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