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spurs 1899-1900 change kit

1899-1900 A

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spurs 1900-01 change kit

Jan 1901 A

V German XI
spurs 1901 change kit

Feb 1901-1903 A

spurs 1903-04 change kit

1903-1904 A

spurs change kit v fulham 1908


v Fulham
spurs 1908-11 change kit

1908-1911 A

spurs 1911-14 change kit

1912-1914 A


spurs 1921-22 change kit


Also worn at home v Preston
tottenham hotspur change kit v preston 1921 fa cup semi final1921


tottenham hotspur strip 25 march 1922 fa cup semi-final

25 March 1922

v Preston FA Cup SF
spurs 1925-26 change kit

1925-1926 A

spurs 1935-36 change kit

1928-1936 A

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spurs strip against bury 1930


Away v Bury
spurs strip v preston 1931

1931 FA Cup

Away v Preston
spurs 1932 change kit

1932-Aug 1933

A v Bury H v Wolves
tottenham hotspur v luton 1933

Jan 1933 FA Cup

Away v Luton
spurs 1936-1937 change kit


Home v Swansea & Preston
Spurs 1937 change kit

1937-1946 A

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spurs 1945 change kit

Aug 1945

Home v Wolves
totenham hotspur kit worn at fulham december 1948

1947-Jan 1950 A

White shorts worn at least once per season
Spurs 1946 change kit

Jan 1950-1953 A

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spurs 1952-53 change kit

1952-53 A FA Cup

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Spurs 1955 change kit

1953-1957 A

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Spurs 1946 change kit

1953-1958 A alt

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spurs 1958-59 change kit

1958-1959 A

spurs 1959-1960 change kit

1959-1960 A

spurs 1958-61 third strip

1958-1960 3rd

See notes
spurs 1960-61 change kit

1960-1962 A

tottenham hotspur 1962-63 change kit

1962-1963 A

V neck short sleeves also worn
Spurs 1964 change kit

1963-1965 A

spur 1965 change strip

1965-1967 A

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1967-1969 A

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spurs kit worn at olympique lyons 1967-68

29 Nov 1967 ECWC

Away v Olympique Lyons
Spurs 1967 change kit

1969-1970 A

spurs 1970-71 away kit

1970-1971 A

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Spurs 1970 change kit

1971-1975 A

spurs 1975-76 away kit

1975-1977 A

spurs strip v leeds united 17 feb 1977

19 Feb 1977

Away v Leeds Utd
Spurs 1977 change kit

1977-1980 A

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Le Coq Sportif
Spurs 1980 change kit

1980-1982 A 82-84 3rd

Le Coq Sportif
Spurs 1982 change kit

1982-1983 A

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Le Coq Sportif

1982-1983 3rd

Le Coq Sportif
Spurs 1983 change kit

1983-1985 A

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tottenham hotspur 1984 kit v hajduk split

1984 EUR

SF v Hajduk Split 1984
tottenham hotspur 1983-85 euro away kit

1983-1985 EUR A

Final v Anderlecht 1984
Spurs 1985 change kit

1985-1987 A

Spurs 1986 third kit

1986-1987 3rd

spurs 1987-88 change

1987-1988 A

Spurs 1988 change kit

1988-1991 A

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Spurs 1991 change kit

1991-1994 A 94-95 3rd

Spurs 1991 3rd kit

1991-1994 3rd

Spurs 1994 change kit

1994-1995 A

Spurs 1995 change kit

1995-1996 A 96-97 3rd

Spurs 1966 change kit

1995-1996 3rd 96-97 A

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Spurs 1997 change kit

1997-1998 A

Spurs 1998 change kit

1998-1999 A

Spurs 1999 change kit

1999-2000 A

Spurs 2000 change kit

2000-2001 A

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Spurs 2001 change kit

2001-2002 A


2001-2002 WCF

Spurs 2002 change kit

2002-2003 A

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Spurs 2002 3rd kit

2002-2003 3rd

Spurs 2003 change kit

2003-2004 A

Spurs 2003 change kit

2003-2004 3rd

Spurs 2004 change kit

2004-2005 A

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Spurs 2004 3rd kit

2004-2005 3rd

Spurs 2005 change kit

2005-2006 A

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Spurs 2005 3rd kit

2005-2006 3rd

Spurs 2006 change kit

2006-2007 A

Spurs 2006 3rd kit

2006-2007 3rd

Spurs 2007 change kit

2007-2008 A

Spurs 2007 3rd kit

2007-2008 3rd

Spurs 2007 125th anniversary kit

2007-2008 Special

125th Anniversary Kit

2008-2009 A


2008-2009 3rd

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spurs 2009 away

2009-2010 A

spurs 2009-10 third

2009-2010 3rd

tottenham hotspur 2010-11 away kit

2010-2011 A

tottenham hotspur 2010-11 third kit

2010-2011 3rd

tottenham hotspur 2011-12 away kit

2011-2012 A

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tottenham hotspur 2011-12 third kit

2011-2012 3rd

Under Armour
spurs 2012-13 away kit

2012-2013 A

Under Armour
tottenham hotspur 2012-13 third kit

2012-2013 3rd

Under Armour
tottenham hotspur 2013-14 away kit

2013-2014 A

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Under Armour
tottenham hotspur 2013-14 third kit

2013-2014 3rd

Under Armour
spurs 2014-15 change kit

2014-2015 A

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Under Armour
tottenham hotspur 2014-15 third kit

2014-2015 3rd



spurs 125th anniversay kit

Spurs' usually wore navy and white striped shirts with their usual shorts and socks in the Edwardian period although red shirts appeared in 1912. There were, however, several occasions when various different shirts were used in FA Cup matches as well as one or two League games.

After the Second World War, Spurs' wore red shirts with their usual navy blue shirts and stockings with white turnovers when a change was needed (occasionally white shorts appeared).

Navy shirts with white knickers were adopted late in the 1949-50 season and, although they usually wore striped shirts between 1953 and 1956, the plain shirts made several appearances as well.

An all-amber strip was used several times in floodlit matches in the London Challenge Cup (October 1958) and friendlies. Tony Sealey, Andy Porter and John Matthews have discovered that this strip was worn in the Football League at least twice (at Bolton 26 March and 7 September 1960). This was subsequently dropped because players complained that the artificial fabric of the shirts became uncomfortable when wet.

Tony Sealey has provided these notes from the first Spurs programme of the 1969-70 season: Supporters who travelled to Leeds on Saturday must have been surprised to see the team turn out in yellow shirts with a blue cockerel emblem. As Leeds wear white we were forced to change. Our change strip in recent years has been navy blue shirts, but this colour has now been banned by the League as it clashes with the referee's outfit.

Yellow and navy became Spurs' established alternative colours and when Admiral designed their new kits in 1977, they took up the theme with a unique shirt with navy blue epaulettes. Over the next few year Spurs established themselves as real innovators in kit design. Le Coq Sportif introduced the first shadow-striped kits for the team in 1982, featured both on the home kit and the new powder-blue away kit.

In 1985 Spurs signed up with Danish manufacturers, Hummel, who continued the trend for innovation with a striking all-white home kit paired up with a light blue away kit featuring white and navy diagonal pinstripes. Their navy third kit was even more innovative, adding diagonal purple stripes trimmed in light blue and white.

Umbro took over in 1991 with two striking designs. The yellow change kit featured an abstract chequered design in navy with grey patches while their light blue third kit sported "SPURS" woven into the fabric. These were followed by an all-navy change kit with purple splashes in 1994. After Umbro, Pony took over with some striking kits: purple with navy stripes (1995-96) and then navy and "ecru" in 1997.

In 1999 Spurs once again changed manufacturer, signing a contract with Adidas that lasted three seasons. Their designs incorporated three tradional pallettes, yellow and navy, navy and white and pale blue and navy. They were replaced by Kappa in 2002 who introduced some striking designs over the next four seasons, including an all-mauve outfit (2003-04) and a blue and yellow kit (2005-2006) that broke with tradition.

Yet another change of kit partner came in 2006 when Puma took over the franchise. Their understated but striking designs have an all-chocolate kit with gold trim that was inspired by Spurs' colours worn in 1896 when they joined the Southern League. Puma also designed the club's 125th anniversary kit (worn once only) which was based on Spurs' 1884 colours, originally adopted as a tribute to the great Blackburn Rovers team.

In 2012 Spurs commissioned Under Armour as their kit supplier. Their first away kit in all-navy bore more than a passing resemblance to the original Hotspur FC kit but on the reverse it featured a unique diagonally striped panel in two shades of blue.

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>>Tottenham Hotspur Home Kits<<
  • A = Away (change) kit
  • 3rd = Third choice kit
  • EUR = European home kit
  • WCF = Worthington Cup Final

Information on kits 1901-1966 provided by Andy Porter, official historian to Tottenham Hotspur with aditional research by Tony Sealey.