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Irn Bru Scottish Third Division 2012 - 2013

irn bru scottish football league sponsorsThe club holding the world record for the most domestic titles now finds itself having to start again after being admitted to the SFL.

Repeated calls for the introduction of a proper pyramid system in Scotland, not least from the SFA commissioned report by Henry McLeish published in 2010, have been revived due to the Rangers debacle. This inaction has been attributed to poor and fragmented leadership within the professional game and not least to the reluctance of all but a few non-league clubs to participate. As a result there is no relegation from the lowest tier of Scottish football. The status of the SFA's proposals for reform is now in question, since they were offered to the SFL membership in return for admitting Rangers to the second tier, a proposal that was rejected. There is now a widespread consensus that change is required and some form of promotion and relegation should be introduced that will enable the champions of the Highland League and/or proposed Lowland League to enter the fourth tier of professional Scottish football alongside a more equal division of revenues.

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Annan Athletic

annan athletic fc 2012-13 home kit


annan athletic fc 2012-13 away kit


Designer: Stanno

Sponsor: M&S Engineering

Annan have retained their home strip, which like other Stanno designs, is named after a famous city, in this case "Palermo." The rather good away kit is also unchanged and comes from the "Porto" range.

(Alasdair MacNeill, Alan Irving - Secretary AAFC)


Berwick Rangers

berwick rangers fc 2012-13 home kit


berwick rangers fc 2012-13 away kit


berwick rangers fc 2012-13 third kit


Designer: Zoo

Sponsor: JB Site Investigations

The Wee Rangers are unchanged at home this season but have introduced a rather nice blue and white away strip trimmed in the club's traditional gold and black. The gold stripe on the shorts is paired with a blue one on the reverse. the attractive white change kit from last season is retained as third choice.

(Martin Walker, Dennis McCleary - BRFC)



clyde fc 2012-13 home kit


clyde fc 2012-13 away kit


clyde fc 2012-13 3rd kit


Designer: Joma

Sponsor: IFIC Forensics (H), Ful-Ton Fork Lifts (A), O'Neill Interiors (3rd).

Although Clyde retain their traditional white, red and black colours they are once again wearing them in a combination not previously seen in the team's long history. The away shirts are orange again but with black trim and shorts instead of white.

(Dominic Jack, Ian Connel)


East Stirlingshire

east stirlingshire fc 2012-13 home kit


east stirlingshire 2012-13 away kit


east stirlingshire fc 2012-13 third kit


Designer: Jako

Sponsor: Fox Lane Garden Centre (H), Independent Asbestos Removal (A), Shire Supporters Trust (3rd)

Apart from a new sponsor's logo on the shirt, the Shire's home strip is unchanged. A smart orange away strip is introduced (orange once featured as an accent colour in the team strips) and the red strip from last season is retained as a reserve.

(Nick Foster)


Elgin City

elgin city fc 2012-13 home kit


elgin city fc 2012-13 away kit


Designer: Hummel

Sponsor: Robertson

The Black & Whites are wearing the same Hummel home strip for a third successive season (something of a record these days) albeit with a new shirt sponsor. The new away kit is a bit disconcerting as it is in the colours of Elgin's fellow Highlanders and arch-rivals, Inverness Caledonian Thistle. I suspect Elgin folk will notice.

(Adele McPherson - ECFC)



montrose fc 2012-13 home kit


montrose fc 2012-13 away kit


Designer: Nike

Sponsor: Fotherham Property Developments (H), John Lawrie Group (A)

Montrose's strips are unchanged although the away shirt has a new sponsor.

(Alex Longmuir & Andrew Stephen - MFC)



peterhead fc 2012-13 home kit


peterhead fc 2012-13 away kit


Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: Bon Accord Glass

Last season's home shirts are retained but are now worn with blue shorts and socks while the away strip is unchanged.


Queen's Park

queen's park fc 2012-13 home kit


queen's park fc 2012-13 away kit


Designer: Joma

Sponsor: Irn Bru

The Spiders are unchanged this season. Why tamper with perfection, after all?



rangers fc 2012-13 home kit


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rangers fc 140th anniversary kit 2012

140th Anniversary

8 Dec v Stirling Albion
rangers fc 2012-13 away kit


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rangers fc 2012-13 away kit


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rangers fc 2012-13 third kit

v Peterhead

rangers 2012-13 charity shirt


Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: Tennents

After the old club's spectacular collapse and the refusal of the SPL members to admit the "newco" Rangers, the SFL membership accepted the club into the fourth tier. Many Rangers' supporters have welcomed the opportunity for the team to wipe the slate clean and start again after the gross mismanagement their fine old club has suffered in recent years.

The new black third strip was to be worn in 'Gers' opening match at Peterhead but instead they wore their white and navy training kit. The white/blue away strip arrived a few days later. The pink top was launched in October to mark the tenth anniversary of the club's Charity Foundation but it is unclear if this will be worn by the team. A special crest was worn on the regular home shirt on th 8th December to mark the 140th anniversary of Rangers' formation.

(James Clyde, Bert P, Jose Vera, Brodie Osler)


Stirling Albion

stirling albion fc 2012-13 home kit


stirling albion fc 2012-13 away kit


Designer: Puma

Sponsor: Prudential Insurance

Albion's home kit is unchanged except that a white collar replaces last term's black, an improvement I think. The pale blue away kit is new. The small logo in the centre of the shirts is that of the John Hartson Foundation, which campaigns to raise awareness of testicular cancer.