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Irn Bru Scottish Third Division 2011 - 2012

irn bru scottish football league sponsorsThe introduction of a pyramid structure that would allow ambitious non-league teams to break into the the SFL have been debated inconclusively for years but there seems to be little appetite among members of the three senior regional leagues for such a reform, given the increased overheads of playing in a national division. In fact the current membership is spread all over Scotland from the English borders to the far north so there is much more traveling involved in this division than any of the others, a burden that must prove hard for these small, part-time clubs to bear.

(Contributors are credited in brackets. Opinions expressed on this page are those of HFK and not contributors.)

Alloa Athletic

alloa athletic fc 2010-12 home kit


alloa athletic 2011-12 away kit


alloa athletic 2011-12 third kit


Designer: Pendle

Sponsor: MTE

Alloa have introduced a new maroon away strip and retained their home kit and navy change set, which is now third choice.

(Lee Chamberlain)


Annan Athletic

annan athletic 2011-12 home kit


annan athletic fc 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Stanno

Sponsor: M&S Engineering Ltd

Annan have gone for a new look and engaged kit provider Stanno, who also supply their neighbours, Stranraer.

(Russel Campbell)


Berwick Rangers

berwick rangers fc 2011-12 home kit


berwick rangers fc 2011-12 away kit


bewrick rangers 2011-12 third kit


Designer: Zoo Sport (Home, Away), Hummel (Third)

Sponsor: J&B Site Investigations

Leeds based Zoo Sport provide the Wee Rangers new strips, a clean, traditional design for the home strip and an attractive away strip with a gold and black sash. The old Hummel red and black strip is kept if a third choice is needed.

(Dennis McCleary)



clyde fc 2011-12 home kit


clyde fc 2011-12 away kit


clyde fc 2011-12 third kit


Designer: Joma (Home, Away), Surridge (Third)

Sponsor: Floortel (Home), Caplan (Away), Scottish Spina Bifida Association (Third)

Perhaps it was finishing holding the wooden spoon last season that has prompted Clyde to go for a radical rethink on their traditional look. The club have announced they are to quit the ground they rent in Cumbernauld but there is no news of where they intend to move to.

An old red strip from 2008-09 has been registered with the SFL for use as a third kit.

(Dominic Jack)


East Stirlingshire

east stirlingshire fc 2011-12 home kit


east stirlingshire fc 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Jako

Sponsor: Foxlane Garden Centre (Home), Shire Supporters' Trust (Away)

The Shire are once again wearing hoops, of a more traditional width than last season and now teamed with black shorts. Gold seams give the shirts, provided by the German sportswear firm, Jako, added interest. A sponsor for the red away strip has not so far been found. The club's supporters have once again stepped in to sponsor the team's red away strip.

(Nick Foster)


Elgin City

elgin city home kit 2011-12


elgin city away strip august 2011

Away (August)

elgin city away kit 2011-12


Designer: Hummel

Sponsor: Clark Thomson Insurance Brokers

Elgin retain their home strip from last season and introduce a replacement for their light blue away kit, in what Hummel are pleased to call "true blue." Last season's home shirts (with the old sponsor) were worn in the opening games.



montrose fc 2011-12 home kit


montrose 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Nike

Sponsor: Fotheringham Property Developments (Home), Duthies of Montrose (Away)

For the past decade Montrose have consistently worn all-blue so the adoption of white shorts marks something of a minor revolution. The away kit is in the same Nike template in yellow and black.



peterhead 2011-12 home kit


peterhead fc 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: Bon Accord Glass

For the past two seasons Peterhead have been wearing an Umbro template that was looking decidedly dated but this season they have gone with the latest from the catalogue. The home strip has contrasting "braces" on the shirt and the striking double-chevron introduced earlier this year appears on the away top.


Queen's Park

queens park fc home kit 2011-12


queens park fc 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Joma

Sponsor: Irn Bru

The new Spiders' home shirt is just about as good a design for a modern football strip that you could ask for. The iconic narrow hoops are presented without any gimmicks while the use of orange to pick out the maker's and sponsor's logo provide a discrete flourish. Outstanding.

As usual the away kit is in the sponsor's corporate colours and is marketed as the team's Irn Bru strip.



stranraer fc 2011-12 home kit


stranraer fc 2011-12


Designer: Stanno

Sponsor: Stena Line

Stanno have provided Stranraer with a rather striking asymmetric kit in white and "anthracite" with lime green piping. Stanno's logo is featured in the side panels.

Last season's striking home kit is retained.

(Alexander Perkins)