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Northern Ireland


george bestDuring the mid-1960s Belfast's most famous footballing son, George Best, regularly appeared in the green shirt but sadly, he never graced the final stages of either the World Cup or the European Championships, Northern Ireland failing to qualify.


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northern ireland 1961-1964


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1961-1965 Change

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northern ireland 1965


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n ireland v netherlands 1965

April 1965

v Netherlands
northern ireland 1965 change kit



Designer: Bukta

Around 1965 modern crew neck shirts were introduced along with lightweight shorts and stockings and a white change kit made an occasional appearance.


northern ireland 1971


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1969-1974 alternate

V Scotland

1967-1974 Change

northern ireland 1974


northern ireland 1974 change kit

1974 Change

northern ireland 1975


northern ireland 1975 change

1975 Change

northern Ireland 1976

March-May 1976

northern ireland 1976 alternate

1976 Alternate

v Scotland
northern ireland 1976 change

1976 Change

northern ireland 1977

Oct 76-May 77

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northern ireland 1977 alternate kit

1977 Alternate

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northern ireland 1977 change kit

Oct 76-May 77 Change


Designer: Umbro

Throughout the 1970s, Umbro provided straightforward kits, which varied little from the basic design. After the switch from Bukta to Umbro in 1967 the crest was sewn directly onto the shirt rather than a large white panel. Fashionable collars appeared in 1974 and Umbro's trademark double diamond was applied to the shirts from 1976. White change kits were available but rarely, if ever, used. Umbro's final design, which appeared in 1976 was the most interesting design of the period. The IFA crest was replaced with a Celtic cross worn in the centre of the chest.


northern ireland 1977 home kit


northern ireland 1978 change

1977-1980 Change

Oct 1979-May 1980

1979 v Scotland


Designer: Adidas

The Irish FA turned to the giant German company to provide their kits from September 1977. The designs were conservative, simply standard templates of the period in traditional green and white, although the addition of green shorts to the change kit provided a welcome contrast (and offered the flexibility of mixing and matching separate elements). The collars had green V necks until October 1979 when white versions appeared for the first time in the game against England. These were worn through to the conclusion of the British Championship in May 1980.

For the very first time the two Irish teams were brought together in the qualifying tournament for the 1980 European Championships. The first game in Dublin on 20 October 1978 ended in a 0-0 draw but Northern Ireland won the return at Windsor Park, Belfast 13 months later 1-0.

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