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Solway Star

Formed 1911. Wound up 1947.

Founder member of Scottish Division Three 1923. Joined the Scottish Alliance after the Third Division was abandoned in 1926.

Kit History

1912 a c

1921-1922 b

1924-1925 b



This romantically named club were based in the Royal Burgh of Annan in Dumfrieshire, a modest port on the Solway Firth. For the first three years of their existence, the club played only in cup and friendly games. This was common practice in the south western part of Scotland where small, dispersed communities with poor rail links made sustainable league competition difficult to organise. Indeed, several leagues came and went over the years. Star spent only three seasons in league competition prior to joining the Scottish League (Southern District League 1914-15, Southern Counties League 1921-22 and then the Western League 1922-23).

In 1923 10 of the 12 Western League clubs were incorporated into the Scottish League as Division Three. The opportunity to play at this higher level must have appeared attractive but the additional travel (Solway and their neighbours now had to travel regularly to central and northern Scotland) and requirement to provide match guarantees proved the undoing of this ill-conceived competition. The few hundred spectators these little clubs could expect were not enough to cover the costs involved, particularly as the Great Depression devastated the region. In 1926 the competition was abandoned in chaos, with fixtures incomplete.

After a single season in the Scottish Alliance, and another in the Provincial League, Star were in and out of the South of Scotland League until 1933 when they resigned. They carried on playing cup and friendly matches until 1947 when they disbanded.

Solway Star shared their gold and black colours with Mid-Annandale (who played in nearby Lockerbie), Annan Athletic FC (formed 1942 and now SFL members) and Annan RFC so there appears to be something of a local sporting tradition associated with this combination.

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