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Kit History


motherwell 1893

1893-1894 e

motherwell fc 1897-1900 change kit

1897-1900 e


motherwell 1911-12 change kit

1911-1912 e

1913-1918 e

motherwell 1918-20

1918-1920 e

motherwell march 1920 change kot

March 1920 e

motherwell 1920-24 change kit

1920-1924 e

motherwell 1924-1925 change kit

1924-1925 e

motherwell fc change kit 1928-32

1928-1931 a

motherwell fc change kit 1931

1931-1933 a

motherwell fc change kit 1934-37

1934-1936 a

motherwell 1936-39 change kit

1936-1940 e

motherwell 1938-51

1940-1951 a

motherwell 1951-58

1951-1957 a

mtherwell 1952-55 3rd kit

1952-1955 3rd b e

v Alloa & Partick
motherwell 1957-58 change kit

1957-1958 1 a e

motherwell 1957-58 change kit

1957-1958 2 a e

motherwell fc 1958-59 change

1958-1962 1 a e

motherwell fc 1958-61 change

1958-1962 2 a

motherwel change kit 1963-64

1963-1964 a c

motherwell fc 1964-65

1964-1965 a

motherwell 1965-66 change kit

1965-1966 e

motherwell fc 1968-73

1966-1973 a e

motherwell change kit 1973-75

1973-1975 a

motherwell change kit 1976-78

1976-1978 1 a

motherwell fc change kit 1976-77

1976-1978 2 b

motherwell september 1980 change kit

3 Sept 1980 a

v Dundee Utd
motherwell fc august 1981 change kit

Aug 1981 a

v Partick Th
motherwel change kit 1982-85

1982-1985 a

motherwell 1985-87 change kit

1985-1987 a

motherwell fc 1987-89 change kit

1987-1989 a

motherwell 1989-90 change kit

1989-1990 a

motherwell 1990-91 change kit

1990-1991 a

motherwell 1991-92 change kit

1991-1992 a

motherwell fc 2992-94 change kit

1992-1994 a

motherwell change kit 1994-95

1994-1995 b

motherwell change kit 1995-96

1995-1996 b

motherwell change kit 1996-97

1996-1997 b

motherwell change kit 1997-98

1997-1998 b

motherwel fc 1998-99 change kit

1998-2000 b d

motherwell 1999-2000 change kit

1999-2000 3rd b d

motherwell change kit 2000-01

2000-2001 b

3rd kit 2001-02
motherwell change kit 2001-02

2001-2002 b

motherwell fc change kit 2002-03

2002-2003 b

motherwell fc 3rd kit 2002-03

2002-2003 3rd b d

White shorts also worn
motherwell fc 2003-04 change kit

2003-2004 b

motherwel fc 2004-06 change kit

2004-2006 b

motherwel fc 2004-06 3rd kit

2005-2006 3rd b

motherwell change kit 2006-07

2006-2007 b

motherwell fc change kit 2007-08

2007-2008 b

motherwell fc change kit 2008-10

2008-2009 b

motherwell fc 2009-10 change kit

2009-2010 b

motherwell fc change kit 2020-11

2010-2011 b

motherwell fc change kit 2011-2012

2011-2012 b d

motherwell fc third kit 2012-13

2012-2013 b d

motherwell fc change kit

2013-2014 b

motherwell fc change kit 2014-15

2014-2015 b

motherwell fc change kit 2015-16

2015-2016 b

motherwell fc change kit 2016-17

2016-2017 b

motherwell fc third kit 2016-17

2016-2017 b

motherwell fc change kit 2017-18

2017-2018 b

motherwell fc change kit 2018-19

2018-2019 b

motherwell fc change kit 2019-20

2019-2020 b

motherwell fc 2020-21 change kit

2020-2021 b

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motherwel fc change kit circa 1931The first record of Motherwell wearing a change kit comes from The Motherwell Times (5 August 1893) which recorded that the team would turn out in a "new rigout - maroon shirts and sateen knickers." The team were still referred to as "The Blues" in the press at the time so we can be certain this was a change strip.

When Motherwell first adopted claret and amber jerseys in 1913 they retained their old blue tops for colour clashes. These were only needed once each season for the home game against Hearts. They were finally retired in 1918-19 when a reversed version of their yoked jerseys was adopted.

When Motherwell introduced their iconic amber shirts with the wide claret band round the body and sleeves in 1928, they ordered up an alternative set with the colours reversed to serve as a change strip (worn with their regular knickers and socks). These got just one outing in the league each season, in the home matches against Partick Thistle (in Scotland the home team changed when colours clashed in those days). They were replaced in 1936-37 by plain blue shirts.

In the 1950s plain white shirts were worn against Alloa Athletic (February 1953) and Partick Thistle (November 1954) presumably because both 'Well's first and second choice jerseys clashed with those of their opponents.

In the late 1950s, when floodlights were installed at Fir Park, a white change strip was adopted and worn in friendly games against international opposition as well as when needed in domestic competition. The reversed claret and amber style was revived in 1964 but after 1965, white was favoured with various trims in the club's traditional colours.

In 1979 Adidas started to supply 'Wells playing kit but they neglected to provide a change strip. A stock white and black strip was worn in a League Cup tie against Dundee United in September 1980 and the old white Admiral strip was trotted out for a match against Partick Thistle in 1981 but otherwise, Motherwell did not wear a change strip during the three years that they were contracted to Adidas.

White was the preferred dominant colour until 1994, when more adventurous combinations appeared. Although there have been exceptions over the seasons, 'Well's change strips usually retain a reference to the club's iconic claret and amber colours.

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  • (a) Stuart Graham (Motherwell FC Official Historian), Matt Johnstone & Willie Kay
  • (b) Motherwell FC
  • (c) Thomas Kenmuir
  • (d) Neil Macleod
  • (e) Alick Milne

Photo Credit: Motherwellnet