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Formed 1891. Disbanded 1931.

Founder member of the reformed Scottish Division Two 1921. Failed re-election 1922

Founder member of Scottish Division Three 1923. Membership rescinded when Divison Three was abandoned in 1926.

Kit History

1894-1895 a

circa1900 a

Corroboration needed

1920-1921 b



Clackmannan was the principal town of Clackmannanshire, the smallest county in Scotland, until the second half of the 18th century when it was overshadowed by the growing manufacturing community of Alloa. It sits on the north shore of the Firth of Forth at the north-eastern corner of Scotland's central belt.

Clackmannan FC played in various league competitions in the years leading up to the Great War, winning a remarkable Midland League game against Dunfermline Athletic 17-2 in 1891. They were Midland League champions in 1897 and later competed in the Central Combination, Eastern League and from 1914-15, the Central League. This competition was suspended for the duration of the First World War in 1915 when Clackmannan appear to have closed down. They resumed membership when the Central League was revived in 1919, now playing alongside many former Scottish Second Division sides.

In 1921 the Central League was absorbed into the Scottish Football League as the reformed Second Division but Clackmannan finished in last place. At the league AGM it was decided to lose two members to even up the numbers in the two divisions so Clackmannan and Dundee Hibernians were denied the chance to apply for re-election.

Clackmannan played for one season in the Eastern League but were confident that a strong campaign at the end of the season would see them elected back into Scottish Division Two. Dundee Hibs were welcomed back to the fold but Clackmannan could not muster sufficient votes.

They received a second chance when it was decided to form a Third Division with clubs drawn primarily from the Western League with Clackmannan, Brechin City and Montrose from the Eastern League making up the numbers. Clackmannan played for three seasons at this level without distinguishing themselves. The Third Division was plagued by resignations and expulsions: by 1925-26 it was clear that the competition was not financially sustainable and it was abandoned with fixtures incomplete. Clackmannan were lying in 14th place (out of 16) at the time.

There are no records of Clackmannan playing in league competition after this debacle but they did enter the Scottish FA Cup until season 1931-32, only proceeding beyond the first round once, when their opponent scratched. Clackmannan closed down for good at some point in late 1931.

Alick Milne reports that SFA and SFL handbooks record Clackmannan's colours as "blue and white" and only the 1894-95 and 1920-21 kits have been confirmed.

There is no connection between this club and Alloa Athletic who started life as Clackmannan County, nor with Clackmannan Junior FC.

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