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Formed 1876. Wound up 1883.
Re-formed 1884. Disbanded in 1938 and re-formed as Beith Juniors.

Founder member Scottish Division Three 1923. Joined the Scottish Alliance after Division Three was abandoned in 1926.

Kit History

1876-1883 a b c d

1888 a

1890-1891 c

1891-1892 c

1892-circa 1900 c b

circa 1900-1903 c e

1903-1909 c

1909-1910 c

1911-1920 c

1920-1928 c

1928-1938 c



beith fc circa 1880This Ayrshire club was originally formed in 1875 but closed down in 1883. Reformed the following year, Beith played no more matches until 1888 when they underwent another restructuring. In 1891 the club joined the Ayrshire League, stepping up to the Scottish Combination in 1903 and winning the title in 1905. They enjoyed the splendid nickname of “The Cabinet Makers.”

When organised competition resumed after the First World War, Beith joined the Western League. In 1923 this competition formed the bulk of the new Scottish Third Division. Beith finished seventh out of 16. It quickly became apparent that the tiny, part-time clubs that made up this division could not afford the increased travel and match guarantees required and part-way through the 1925-26 season the competition was abandoned with fixtures outstanding: Beith were lying in 12th place at the time.

Beith then joined the Scottish Alliance (consisting mainly of Scottish League reserve teams) and continued to play as a senior club, winning the Qualifying Cup in 1928. In 1938 the club was disbanded and reformed as Beith Juniors FC. This club started playing the following season and continues to thrive among the ranks of Scotland’s junior clubs.

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  • (b) Brian McColl
  • (c) Alick Milne
  • (d) Beith Juniors FC
  • (e) Lynne McKenna

Photograph courtesy of Beith Juniors FC