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Formed 1910. Wound up 1935.

Founder member of the reformed Scottish Division Two 1921. Expelled 1932

Kit History





(Original club)


Formed 1879


Wound up 1894

armadale fc 1886

1886-1888 d

armadale fc 1888

1888-1891 d

armadale 1891

1891-1894 d

armadale 1894-95

1894-1895 d







1910-1914 b

1915-1916 b

1919-1920 b

1920-1931 a b

armadale 1927-29 away kit

1927-1929 away b



armadale fc 1910-11The West Lothian town of Armadale grew rapidly during the mid-Victorian era and in 1879 the first Armadale FC was formed. In 1889 the club took over the home of Armadale Volunteers FC whose members were allowed to use the ground provided they joined the local Volunteer Regiment. Armadale spent one season in the Eastern Alliance League (1891-92) and otherwise competed in cup and friendly games. In 1894 the original Armadale FC collapsed and was wound up.

The town was without a senior side until 1910 when a new Armadale FC was formed, taking up residency at the Volunteer Ground. After one season in the Scottish Union, Armadale joined the Central League, winning the title in 1914 and 1915. When non-league football was restructured following the suspension of the Second Division of the Scottish Football League (SFL) in 1915, Armadale joined the Eastern League. In 1919 they rejoined the Central League, now much strengthened by the addition of former members of the SFL. The Central League clubs were prepared to pay higher wages than the maximum allowed in the Scottish Football League and so were able to poach many leading players while attendances matched or exceeded those in the rival league.

Faced with this threat, the SFL members reversed their policy in 1921 and reinstated Scottish Division Two incorporating the Central League into the new structure. Armadale made a promising start finishing third at the end of their first season. After this their fortunes gradually declined and they finished rock bottom in 1928, second last in 1929.

During the Great Depression unemployment throughout Scotland's central belt hit record levels, which in turn led to a fall in attendances. The league authorities refused to allow Armadale and other struggling sides to reduce admission fees for the unemployed and the club slid further and further into debt, engaging mainly local players on expenses rather than wages to keep costs down. In an attempt to raise revenue, midweek whippet races were organised but this met with severe disapproval from the Scottish League and SFA heirarchy and was banned.

In the 1932-33 season Armadale fell behind with match guarantees, the minimum payment to visiting sides required by SFL rules, and were served with Sheriff's Orders in November 1932. Unable to meet their financial obligations, the club was served with expulsion papers on 3 December 1932 and their playing record expunged.

The club played one final match, a Scottish Cup tie with Dundee United (lost 0-2) and in 1935 Armadale FC was finally wound up.

Armadale Thistle JFC were formed shortly afterwards and continue to represent the town at junior level.

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