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Kit History

chelsea 1910-11 change kit

1905-1911 A

chelsea fc 1911-12 change kit

1911-1912 A

chelsea 1914-14 change kit

1913-1914 A

chelsea 1914-15 change strip

1914-1915 A

chelsea 1922-23 change strip

1921-1922 A

Corroboration needed
chelsea 1924-25 change kit

1922-1925 A

chelsea 1929-30 change kit

1929-1930 A

1931-32 FA Cup


chelsea 1936-37 change kit

1936-1937 A


chelsea 1945-46 change kit



chelsea 1950s change kit

1954-1955 A

Cold weather kit
chelsea fc 1954-58 change kit

1954-1958 A

Used once in 1958-59
chelsea fc 1957-58 3rd kit

1957-1958 3rd

Used once
chelsea fc 1958-59 change kit

1958-1959 A

chelsea fc 1958-59 3rd kit

1958-1959 3rd

Used once
chelsea 1959-60 change kit

1959-1960 A

chelsea 1959-60 3rd kit

1959-1960 3rd

chelsea 1960-61 change kit

1960-1961 A

chelsea fc 1960-61 change kit v wba

1960-1961 3rd

chelsea 1961-62 change

Sept-Oct 1961 A

chelsea 1961-61 red change kit

Oct 1961-1962 A

chelsea fc 1962 change kit

1962-1963 A

chelsea 1963-64 change kit

1963-1964 A

chelsea 1963-64 3rd kit

1963-1964 3rd

chelsea 1963-64 change strip v birmingham city

March 1964

v Birmingham City
chelsea fc change kit august 1964

Aug 1963

v Aston Villa
chelsea 1965-67 change kit

1964-1967 A

chelsea 1964-65 3rd kit

1964-1965 3rd

chelsea change kit october 1964

October 1964

One off v Benfica
chelsea 1963-64 white kit

1964-1965 4th

Used once in 1963-64
chelsea 1965-67 red strip

1965-1966 A

chelsea fc 1965-66 white change kit

1965-1966 EUR

chelsea 1966 fa cup semi final kit

1966 FA Cup SF

chelsea 1966-67 fa cup change kit

1966-1967 3rd

Used twice in FA Cup

1966-1967 4th

Used twice in League
chelsea 1966-67 third strip

1966-1967 3rd

v Manchester City
chelsea 1968-70 change kit

1967-1968 A

chelsea 1970-72 change kit

1968-1971 A

chelsea 1971-72 change kit

1971-1972 A

chelsea change kit march 1972

March 1972 A

v Man City
chelsea 1972-75 change kit

1972-1974 A

chelsea 1974-75 third kit

1974-1975 A

chelsea 1974-75 third kit

1974-1975 3rd

Worn twice at end of season
chelsea 1975-76 change kit

1975-1976 A


1976-1977 A


1977-1978 A

chelsea 1978-81 change kit

1978-1981 A

chelsea 1979 kit v shrewsbury

Sept 1979 3rd

v Shrewsbury T

1980-1981 3rd

Le Coq Sportif
chelsea 1981-83 change kit

1981-1983 A

Le Coq Sportif

1981-1984 3rd

Le Coq Sportif
chelsea 1983-84 change kit

1983-1984 A 84-85 3rd

Le Coq Sportif

1984-1985 A 85-86 3rd

Le Coq Sportif
chelsea 1985-86 change kit

1985-1986 A

Chelsea Collection
chelsea 1986-87 change kit

1986-1987 A


1987-1989 A

chelsea 1987-88 change kit

1987-1988 3rd

chelsea 1988-89 change kit

1988-89 3rd 89-90 A


1989-1990 3rd

chelsea 1990-1991 change kit

1990-1992 A

1990-1991 3rd


1991-1993 3rd


1992-1994 A

chelsea 1993-94 third kit

1993-1994 3rd

chelsea 1994-1996 away kit

1994-1996 A

chelsea 1996-97 change kit

1996-1997 A


1997-1998 A


1998-2000 A

chelsea 1998-00

1998-2000 3rd

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chelsea 2000-01 change kit

2000-2001 A 01-02 3rd

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chelsea 2001-02 change kit

2001-2002 A 02-03 3rd


2001-2002 3rd

chelsea 2002-03 change

2002-2003 A 03-04 3rd


2003-2004 A 04-05 3rd

chelsea 2004-05 change

2004-2005 A

chelsea 2005-06 change kit

2005-2006 A


2005-2006 3rd


2006-2007 A

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2006-2007 3rd


2007-2008 A

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2007-2008 3rd


2008-2009 A

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2008-2009 3rd

chelsea 2009-10 change strip

2009-2010 A

chelsea 2009-10 third strip

2009-2010 3rd

chelsea 2010-11 away kit

2010-2011 A

chelsea 2010-11 third kit

2010-2011 3rd

chelsea away kit 2011-12

2011-2012 A

chelsea 2011-12 third kit

2011-2012 3rd

chelsea fc 2012-13 away kit

2012-2013 A

chelsea fc 2012-13 third kit

2012-2013 3rd

chelsea fc 2013-14 away kit

2013-2014 A

chelsea fc 2013-14 third kit

2013-2014 3rd

chelsea 2014-15 change kit

2014-2015 A

chelsea 2014-15 3rd kit

2014-2015 3rd

chelsea 2015-16 change kit

2015-2016 A

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chelsea 2015-16 third kit

2015-2016 3rd

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Generally Chelsea wore white when required to change with red shirts being used from time to time while stripes (probably borrowed) appeared in the FA Cup in the early 1930s.

In the 1950s red was the usual alternative although white shirts were also available. In September 1961 a brand new change strip featuring red bands on a white shirt was worn at Cardiff. This smart outfit was worn again in October and was then replaced with an all-red strip.

The first yellow and blue kit appeared in 1963-64 and has been a popular choice ever since, alternating with all-white throughout the rest of the decade.

In 1972, Chelsea turned out in red shirts with green stockings for the first time. For the 1974-75 season Chelsea introduced a third kit in all-white with a broad vertical panel in red and green. Yellow and blue returned in 1977 but the following season the blue became green and this combination lasted until 1981.

When Le Coq Sportif took over from Umbro as Chelsea's kit partner, they introduced an elegant all-blue home kit with white pinstripes and red/white trim along with an identical change kit in yellow and blue and an all-white third choice strip. Between 1983 and 1985 Chelsea wore some adventurous kits with thin horizontal stripes.

In 1986 Chelsea became the first club to market kits under their own brand, The Chelsea Collection, a range that included a dramatic new away strip in "jade." This colour was used the following season when Umbro designed the club's kits, both home and away versions featuring a diamond shaped pinstripe pattern. These were complemented in 1988-89 by an elaborate red third strip with irregular white and blue hoops, an outfit that became the away kit the following season.

The 90s were notable for the introduction of increasingly extravagant designs by the major manufacturers and Chelsea were at the forefront of fashion. Perhaps most noteworthy is the 1994-96 kit in two shades of grey and bright orange. By the end of the decade designs became more restrained and the familiar yellow and blue theme was reinterpreted in 2000 with a smart amber and blue outfit. By this stage Chelsea had adopted the now familiar practice of replacing one of their kits on a two-year rotation.

In 2002 the first all-black kit appeared and has remained a popular choice ever since. The 2005-06 away kit featured pale blue-grey shirts and was the last kit to be designed by Umbro for the club.

In 2006 Adidas took over from Umbro and introduced a complete new set of relatively restrained kits in blue (home), black (away) and white (third). Their 2007 contribution included a garish fluorescent yellow and black affair, however, that was hard to miss and after a few seasons, their designers turned out some very flashy change strips.

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With acknowledgements to John Devlin's True Colours Vol 1 and thanks to Nik Yeomans for his detailed research on the 1954-1982 period.

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